Berlin Wall on Wilshire

I love walking by the Berlin Wall on Wilshire.  Brings back so many memories.   When I lived in Berlin we used to graffiti the wall at night on our way back from parties.    I never, ever thought I would see the wall fall, especially driving through check point Charlie and seeing all the grave markers of the “runners/jumpers” that tried to escape.   

I get  homesick for Berlin when I’m there and kind of corny, so thankful that freedom prevailed.    The Kennedy part reminds me of the “Ich bin ein Berliner speech” .   My grandmother always fondly reminisces.   Berlin loves Kennedy.

The Wall Project was a unique, multi-faceted media and public art initiative organized by The Wende Museum to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It allowed the Museum to communicate its mission to a global audience. 

To mark the occasion, The Wende brought ten original Berlin Wall segments to Los Angeles, installed them at 5900 Wilshire Boulevard, one of the key East-West streets in the city, and invited established and emerging artists to reflect upon history and paint five of the ten segments. The Wende Museum organized a series of public events leading up to the main celebration of the 20th anniversary on November 8th, 2009.

The key impetus behind The Wall Project was to replicate the Berlin Wall’s function as a site for political and personal expression, through reproducing elements of the art and creativity that it once inspired. By engaging well-know and emerging artists, the initiative also aimed to further reinforce the reputation of Los Angeles as the mural capital of the world.