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Clayton Brothers: Inside Out


Pasadena Museum of California Art

Clayton Brothers: Inside Out is the first major museum exhibition of the work of Rob and Christian Clayton. Featuring their paintings and mixed-media installations, the exhibition surveys the brothers’ edgy aesthetic inspired by California skateboard and surf culture, punk rock, folk art, cartoons, and street art. The Clayton Brothers have been working collaboratively since 1996, constructing complex narratives that introduce memorable characters and comment wryly on contemporary life.

This exhibition is organized by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) and curated by Stephen Fleischman, Director of MMoCA.

For more info & directions click HERE

3 years ago

These are all shots from the Street Cred opening reception last night.  Good party.  Great show. Must see - it’s up at Pasadena Museum of California Art from May 15th - Sept 4th, 2011.

Bonus: You get to see the Clayton Brothers Inside Out exhibit too…and it’s sweet! (more to come on that)

3 years ago
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