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Said the city mouse to the country mouse

I’ve always been a city girl who loved the country.     Visiting that is.    Now I am the opposite.   A country outdoorsy type who loves visiting the city.     It’s a lot more laid back and I don’t smoke and drink as much, a great way to  get my sports on.       Mountain biking, running, swimming, gardening and hiking.  This little trailer is around the corner from my house on a pond that I run around.   I love shooting near it, it’s so old it looks like gold leaf or spray paint.  So cute.    

I am riding this amazing CANYON mountain road bike with FOX shock absorbers.  It is kind of unisex, so my husband and I both ride it.   Got to keep it real in adidas sneaks, socks and Stella shorts.   Check out Canyon, the bikes are amazing.   http://www.canyon.com/

1 year ago

STILLRAD/ a bike lovers paradise

Stillrad is a really great store in Lucerne.    They carry all kinds of cool European brands and have wonderful products.   The store is built into the old train tracks and has a gallery like appeal. 

I also discovered the RIBCAP, which is a soft hat with a hard exterior, kind of like a helmut/hat protective accessory.   RIBCAP.CH  

2 years ago
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