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Check out this opening if you’re in San Francisco this weekend. Beautiful hand-painted sign art…there’s some legends in this show.

An American Language

January 14, 2012 — February 04, 2012

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present its January show, “An American Language”, featuring the works of 12 traditional American sign painters.

An extension to the gallery’s show last year with San Francisco’s own, New Bohemia Signs, this month’s exhibition brings together artists from across the country who have built a livelihood through the language of sign painting. For them, sign painting is a trade, a means to support themselves, an outlet for creativity, and simply a way of life. These painters exemplify the core tradition of a studied practice that has had a significant impact in the history of art and communication. Expressing a myriad of messages to people, hand lettered signs represent a language that has crossed over into the world of fine art. These 12 American sign painters are more than tradesmen within the culture; Through their work, they push the boundaries of how the art & language of sign painting is viewed, understood, and appreciated.

Featured artists: Mike Meyer, Derek McDonald, Dusty Madsen, Gary Martin, Josh Luke, Gary Green, Greg Jones, Sean Starr, Kenji Nakayama, Bob Dewhurst, Mats!?, and Mark Oatis.

Guerrero Gallery
2700 19th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


2 years ago
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